An Investigative Poem in the Spirit of Ed Sanders on the Theory of Mark Fisher and Nick Land

Wherein the Concept of “Demogorgon” Plays a Major Part

“Listen all you boards, governments, syndicates, nations of the world,

And you, powers behind what filth deals consummated in what lavatory,

To take what is not yours,

To sell out your sons forever! To sell the ground from unborn feet forever.”

-William S. Burroughs,

Last Words of Hassan Sabbah

Fisher is dead,

Land expatriated in Shanghai,

            what were they doing

Researching Cybernetics

            through the Ccru?

Land wrote The Dark Enlightenment

            that is synonymous with

                        the neo-reactionary movement

            a vanguard of the alt-right,

But Fisher is on record

            defending Land as more of

                        an insurrectionist anarchist,

            to label him as a Neofascist:

Simply too reductive?

            Žižek had been paraphrasing

Adam Philips,

            speaking of the prospect

                        of self-knowledge

            as that “ancient Greek

                        bullshit, ‘know yourself,’

            and so on.”

It got me wondering about why Žižek is so popular,

            why the notion of Psyche

                        in its ancient Greek sense,

ψυχή, as “the source of life

            and consciousness,”

                        “the spirit or soul,”

“Spirit of the universe,”

            “butterfly,” etc.,

Is considered to be so antiquated,

            & such an unexamined

Target of postmodern irony;

            And in what sense

                        the arcane scientism

            of a Freud or Lacan

Is so much more epistemological,

            compared to esoteric

                        traditions of the ancient world.

Justin Murphy on Youtube

            who once interviewed Land

Has a video,

            “My Lacanian Psychotherapy Session

                        With Eliot Rosenstock,”

            author of Žižek in the Clinic

Published by Zero Books in 2019.

Rosenstock has a video

            on Youtube, called


Symbols, and Categories!

            Egoism and the Absolute,”

And I began to wonder where exactly

            the contradiction lied?

Why is it that so few these days

            ever mention Reich,

Beyond a James DeMeo

            or a Roberto Freire?

                        A Communist thinker steeped in psychoanalysis,

Could Žižek really avoid it, and

            once you’re in there

                        is it not a quick hop,

Skip & a jump to the notion

            of Lemurian Time War

                        as explicated by the Ccru,

On the hyperstitional

            quality of the fiction

                        of William S. Burroughs?


Free association;

The Absolute isomorphism

            is Emptiness,

A prime mover that is

Pure imagination.

            according to the

Book of Changes,

            Earth is receptive,

Heaven is creative,

            although both are

Two sides of the same coin.

It struck me that

            detaching egotism from individuality

                        might go a long way

            towards deposing the celestial

                        dictator of all religions

            & totalitarianism, for

The schismogenesis of the Trumpian world

            was that identity politics was

                        the reinforcement of white supremacy.

            (Ed Sanders is

                        ancient Greek poetry

                                    to me!)

                        know: Demogorgon

            is a Form

                        of schismogenesis

that inverts “the One”

            into contradicting



The dandelion blew (ψῡ́χω)

Skies released the paratrooper

Who became consciousness

On landing within itself.

We’re in. How long has there

Been motion picture photography?

(He kept his camera wrapped

            in her silk underwear,

A modern totem.)

You mean to suppress our

            immanent revolution?

Play on, earth spirits of the

            Third Stone from the Sun!

                                    Cue: Hendrix,


            wide Justice,

being of fire—

            never alights. 

            There is a will to be free

            that even if neutralized

            by freedom’s enemy

            is always on the rise.

            To turn around is to doubt

                        that ‘everything flows’ (πάντα ῥεῖ)

            And then to see there can

                        be no one enduring force,

            If there is to be eternity

            The word camera is a doublet of chamber, both meaning in a sense a room.

A camera behind

            the screen, the

                        screen is mistaken

For a mirror,

            wherein a tape

                        plays on

Endless circulations

            (death is

                        the threshold without which

            there would be

No meaningful change. There

            would be no such thing as meaning.

There would only be an

            endless circulation

                        of the same).

In the depths of infinity, death is beautiful.

The problem with the Demogorgon

            (a scheme that inverts

                        the Absolute diagram)

            is in shattering primordial


                                    dark & light

                        are mistaken for each other

            as in a mirror,

They no longer occupy that space of their natural

            polarity, and hence Emptiness

                        can be mistaken for stuff,

            and stuff

For emptiness. However Emptiness

            & similarly Non-duality

                        are not valid

Models in the psychoanalytic,

            anti-ψυχή or only Judeo-Christian

                        spirited “West.”


“The West” exists

            if and only if

the idea of cultural supremacy is accepted

            a priori.

The neoliberal fascist intellectual movement

            born of the Trump era

was primarily an ideological reinforcing

            of cultural supremacy.

While this is also implicitly the idea of racial supremacy,

            it explicitly takes the form of a “war of ideas,”

                        i.e. a reinforcing of ideological dominance.

            All ideas can be refuted but can art be refuted?

The result of a successful hermeneutics

            of disinformation

Will be to have created a semiotic

            labyrinth of sorts,

                        an inscrutable maze

Of signification that leads ultimately to confusion,

            anxiety, fear, and

                        hence the falling backwards

Into faith in the authorities,

            presumably the source of instantiation

                        of this negative feedback loop,

            the schismogenetic diagram;

This is why God

is likened to The Word

it’s a Demiurge.

“[The dominant control program]

builds its monopolistic dominion upon

the magical power of the Word:

upon programming and illusion,”

            (Ccru, Lemurian Time War).

The inscrutability of information

leads to the impenetrability of


As Sun Tzu says,

“the skillful fighter puts himself into a

            position which makes defeat impossible,”

                        (The Art of War, IV.xiv).

If the mind is inscrutable,

then only the body can be subdued.

But subdue the mind

and the body will follow

of its own accord.


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