Burlesque of Logos

As I toast my bowl to a harvest moon

wine changes to blood


to Oriental pagan gods

Invocation of Guan Yin

by accident

in Chapel Perilous

detained folk dancers in Sufic rings

glittering like white jade

Around the deserts of technocracy,

Holographic prisms of inverse ideals

our kindred mistake for Absolute Reality.

What babble of eternal recurrences

from Geronimo to Babylon

Seven hours baked under the Tucson sun

toothless angel Chavez

grizzled from too much fighting appears

My boozy spirit guide ferrying one over

the pristine horrors of Persephone’s kitchen

aglow in L’American glitz.

Changing an oversized ၁၀၀၀ kyats note

at play something magical happens

Ordinarily near a green mosque,

Zegyo Market

where Kore in masque of rickshaw gimmick

Would engage in games of cosmic hide & go seek

speaks of history as if still unfolding at present

Tracing cyphers in milk tea

on an emptied mind.