Electric Blanket

An urgent snow like first love

Quivers in the air on the cusp

What indeterminate purity

Vanishing along with that which touch brings

Spread an immense melancholia in tiny flakes

Was a last kiss clinging

On existence within

Everything mind the dew

Crystalized peaks

Intermingling thought

As delicate as a bit of stalactite

Fracturing away momentarily enshrined

On the first snow or so this appears

Like blossoming love seems eternally new

As if hearts had glowed into slush underneath harvest moons

Blanketed tearfully eroding

Given over to supine designs

One clamors as much for fresh sprinklings of

Which one waited an infinitesimal lifetime to sing

At last settled on a pile of hoary refrains

On the tip of my tongue always

Doubting one had a stake in this fall to begin with.