Dispatches from Heuristic Halo Press #1

Introducing Dispatches from Heuristic Halo Press, founded in 2018 by Kyaw Zin Myint (“Marshall”) and A. Scott Buch (“Alex”).

Today we are featuring two poems by Marshall and one by Alex. Please feel free to share this Dispatch, or even to contribute your art, your poetry, your thoughts and words, in the future. Send them to ascottbuch@yahoo.com.


Dog-Hare of the Firewater

I see Maung Maung again in Thailand

Not Maung Maung himself but the spirit of Dionysus

A ceremonial den like a cow skull,

The holy mischievous law-breaking that is

As much of Karma, especially in the Abyss

That we must in tantra have

Subtle wind through our bodies

And the blood of a god intoxicates

Us, who see in the fabric of a day

A great pattern of ecstasy like silk lingerie

Who wore out our bodies like clothes

Until there was only mad spirit left,

And there you glared at me—you rascal!—

Until I became old dust,

The distillation of existence

Pounded out of the Milky Way!


Petals of roses red whizzed by a gust

            Flat on dried earth spiraled touching gently on the spikes

                                    of branches, no thrust

                                                kissing the primitive floor of nature

                                    Fertile soil mothering thorny stalks beauty on top

                        Crossing everyone’s sight: delight

            Obliged not regardless of whoever the gardener be

Fantasy of a magic garden still in every bees’ instinct, beautifully

                                    ‘fore all the delicate parts rest beneath earth.

                        Water flowing down from the north to the hearts

            Of the plains nourishing, growing and multiplying more plants

Blooming not only exotic flowers but bearing heavenly fruits

            Regardless, as bees don’t fly around instantly causing flowers to bloom

                        Who are we to yell at seeds to grow trees

                                    Let alone what those tree might produce

                                                Till, individually, we improve. . .



Who will stand up for Myanmar

Largest book in the world is contained here, at Kuthodaw Pagoda (ကုသိုလ်တောဘုရား) in Mandalay, Myanmar.

Dedicated to my
friend Marshall,
my friend Dennis,
my friend Leo,
my friend Stanley,
my friend Maung
all the friends
of Myanmar,
especially every
single student
that I ever

Folks of the Ayeyarwady River (ဧရာဝတီမြစ), near Mandalay, not far from Sagaing.

Who will stand up for Myanmar

when life itself has been gunned down?

Who will stand up for Myanmar when

Being is held in such low-standing,

who will stand up for Myanmar, who

            believes Western democracy is real,

            who believes the West is real.

Who will stand up for Myanmar

            who would stand up herself

            if not for the Golden Triangle,

“[F]or the poppy rules the world”[1]

as the whole world is colonized.

Who has stood up for the memory

            of the 8888 Uprising,

Who has stood up for the Saffron monks,

Who has stood up for the murdered

            and raped Rohingya,

Who has stood up for the million

            who’ve been displaced.

Believes that sanctions will,

            or ever have done anything

                        about this

And who enable the proliferation of

            military dictatorship the world over?

Who will

            stand up for the tortured

                        denizens of Insein Prison,

Who will read the

            interminable discourse already produced

                        on this subject,

And who will read this poem.

Who will protest nonviolently

            to the end global capitalism,

            with the indomitable spirit

                        of a Theravada monk,

And who will unite across

            every religious division

                        arm in arm, who

Will give up the religion of

            global capitalism.

Who will

            wake up to stand up

Dreaming in their violent mythologies

            to know who wrote

                        Burmese Days,

            let alone there’s a country

                        called Myanmar?

Who will stand up for what

            they regard

So cheaply to be bought

Turning the entirety of their backyard

            into a sweatshop.

Who will stand up for the workers

            of Myanmar

Who will stand up for a nation

            not their own

Who will give up the violent dominion

            of all nation-statehood.

Who will stand up

            for Marshall

beat repeatedly in the head,

threatened with firing squad

For merely spitting on a police car.

Who will stand up for Myanmar.

Who will stand up for the migrants

            of Myanmar,

            of the World

forced into modern slavery,

And who will stand up for this fact

that slavery is worse than it ever has been,

            throughout the entirety

                        of your so called progressing of Civilization,

            democratic values!

Who? How?


Cow outside a temple near Bagan (ပုဂ).

[1] (Jim Morrison, Paris Journal)

The evanescence of property.

Intellectual property establishes a dominion over time in the way property does space. This is because concepts unfold in time in the sense that language is syntactical.

            Modern science corporatizes intellectual property. Establishing an interdependent relation between power and knowledge, this is analogous to the interdependence between political power and wealth.

            Concepts are a reflection of illumination, a consequence of the conditions for existence made up of electromagnetic gravitation in a void; the emergent property of consciousness in a system; or the complex order arising out of chaos, making up a whole composed of parts. This is precisely intelligence, the ordering, the structuring of a vast infinitude of data.

            Ownership of intelligence implies an individualizing or atomization of intelligence which is specifically human insofar as the human being creates hierarchies out of its understanding.

            The problem with this is existence or the world as an environment, gets excluded from the system of understanding that informs our understanding of the world. In other words in order to create a system out of something one must isolate a part from a whole, effectively complexifying that part into its own whole. For instance, in the structure of language that is a system of communication, this system effectively becomes a parallel or mirror reflection of the world it enframes by signifying. Signification itself is a mere reflection of a state of affairs; and explicitly not that state of affairs in-itself.

            And yet, in being a snapshot of a state of affairs, it does manage to be an illumination of conceptual knowledge, knowledge being not intrinsically separated from the power that it mirrors, its absolute existence as energy; existing under the relative conditions that make it perceivable as matter, distinctly reflected through an apparatus which has evolved over time to be sensitive to light in specific ways that create perceptions.

            Trying to “own” something as evanescent as this is the very definition of illusion. For to “own” it implies that it could be grasped once and for all, and preserved in a specific state. Which is not only impossible—for it is impossible to grasp one’s own reflection—but also betrays a deep delusion to think that the reflection has existence in-itself, in the same way that it is a delusion to think that language is precisely reality, or that these two things are necessarily separated by an absolute border.

            That border is purely conceptual. And this is why knowledge cannot be “owned,” for it betrays the fact that this flows equally through everybody.

Reflection of the Moon

The universe is like
a piece of paper,
A bounded infinity
with determinable shapes.

The world is like a constellation,
made out of fixed stars
          that the mind
Connects distinctly at places.

And if a concept is a reflection
then what’s reflected is light
Like sun energy
            shining on the moon;
As matter condenses
            because there is shadow
I can understand, you.

On sex-positivity & reaction

Conservative ideology must be sex-negative and acclimate the perspective to a pessimism for life. For several reasons, for instance the class hierarchies that are grounded in injustice are to be seen as natural, and hence the miserable world they create must also be seen as natural.

            The things in life that are inherently positive, like sex, must be governed through their enframing as negative, for sex-positivity would inherently create a more balanced world insofar as the human reproductive function can be linked to love and not violence, freedom and not slavery, equality and not compulsion, and so on. This sex-positivity would threaten the hierarchical order of things, and hence sex and therefore life itself, the consequence of sex, must be pathologized; constructed through sex-negativity if the order of the world itself, as Western Civilization as such, its supremacy, is to be preserved.

            Sex-negativity as status quo then, also the conservative position, with the upper hand but also the mandate to preserve, can attack progressive forces which would seek to liberate sexuality as degenerate. Without addressing the systemic nature of sex-negativity, conservative forces can criticize left-wing forces for being idealistic, not being able to see the presupposed naturalness of sex-negativity.

            By negating sex, construing it as negative, the bad consequences which come from this, can be framed as natural, when putting the abstract concept of civilization before the anthropological reality of human beings.

            The conservative ideology will put the abstract concept of civilization before the anthropological benefits of sex-economic progress in order to preserve the hierarchical structure of class relations.

            This is why the conservative ideology will sacrifice individual happiness, by acclimating the perspective to pessimism regarding life, because the imperative to conserve general power privilege through class relations overrules particular instances of truth-knowledge or individual self-control, happiness or contentment, for the sake of this systemic goal.

            The contentment of sex-positivity in the broad anthropological sense as sex-economic, threatens the structural violence that grounds civilization through the power of hierarchy and class relations.

            Another way of putting it; by linking the idea of sex-negativity to civilization itself, the sex-negative position becomes the correct, or moral position.

            By linking civilization to hierarchy, it becomes moral. Injustice and inequality by degrees are also moral.

            Sex-positivity becomes immoral, and linked to the idea of degeneracy, or “anarchy,” the dissolution of civilization.

Fragments of a concept of cyberspacetime

If postmodernism is in a way characterized by an eclectic return to the past, then in what comes after postmodernism, the singularity of information which characterizes a control society, has flattened the former distinctions between spacetimes altogether. This is perhaps the capitalist realism effect of cyberspacetime.

            Rule by cyberspace time is algorithmic. It facilitates the gig economy, a way of personality construction and hence memory-making that is image-cinematic, based around profile building; and a generalized understanding of everything that encompasses the self and the world, which looks similar to a kind of generalized mental disorder.

            Despite its real material, technological character, cyberspacetime is primarily a mental phenomenon.

            Whole patterns, phases, fads, memetic stages play out in cyberspacetime, in ways that are cyclical with similarities to actual spacetime, but ultimately in a separate realm though this area is, as I speculate, still largely in the mind.

            In theory cyberspacetime could fuse with the brain in the way that language capacity became a biological inheritance of human beings. This concept seems to show the fluidity between the technological and biological. One begins to wonder if beings evolved a capacity for language, becoming human beings, through generational contact with the world. Cyberspacetime wouldn’t so much as be fused with the human brain, as be a catalyst or stimulus for the evolution of new neurological capacities.

            In conclusion, we may be approaching an analogy between something like the psychedelic experience and representational thinking. That is, a drug can change brain chemistry, in the same way a mere experience can change brain chemistry. And prolonged experience with a certain kind of chemical reaction could create transformations of a so called alchemical nature.

            If duration is the embodiment of spacetime, then cyberspacetime is like a cell of duration. In this way cinema is both its precursor and most apt symbol of representation.

            The Influencer is cyberspacetime embodied.

            One quality of cyberspacetime is that it is at once eternally fleeting and oppressively permanent.

            A reified Now that swells and keeps swelling infinitely to monstrous proportions of seeming omniscience, it occludes the impermanence of mutability in the natural flow of things.

            The algorithmic influence of cyberspacetime is ultimately psychological, that is to say the artificial intelligence of the algorithm learns enough about the individual user to make them feel like they are being influenced. This feeling of influence is real though real insofar as it is psychological. In this way the effect of influence is similar if not analogous to the effect of ideology; of propaganda more broadly which has always taken its manipulative techniques from psychology.

The Slough

Blood flows in one direction,

            towards the heart.

Freedom, if the concept exists, never

Shall leave behind a single soul ever

Trapped inside wage

            labor to do their part.

Not money but freedom is what I need.

Don’t give me none of that

            wage slave’s currency.

It’s a great irony of civilization

that pure reason

            is in fact

a Gateway drug of insanity.

the God of the West,

            realism of capitalists—

Our spirit is formed

like water from hydrogen,

it counters that from

            which it was formed,

                        the flame

And therein lies the Great

Mystery of palingenesia,

            of the interconnectedness

                        of the heavy

                                    & light,

the hot & the cold.

Emptiness is pure potential

at bottom chaos

the interconnectedness of all things,

butterfly effect

ultimately the unknown:

what Rimbaud sought

through his long dérèglement de tous

            les sens

to know je est un autre.

“Truths are illusions

which we have forgotten

            are illusions,”

(Nietzsche). This is

the matter of simulacrum,

            for the utility

            of an illusion

                        is in its

            being seen through.

Stuck to facts,

all truth is

always the truth of power

in this rigged dimension

where might makes right;

Our human rights

are always the product of surrendering

personal sovereignty;

Our freedom of speech

is always the right of the State

to take that away;

Human freedom

under State government

is only that which can

            by brutally denied

                        to you

if you’re standing

            in its way.

            thinking and writing,

Creating an edifice—

the mind is a calculation


striving to bring concepts

            & things

            into balance.

& Civilization is already

            a simulacrum,

especially when imposing

            a center on the boundless;

Hierarchizing creates

            classes of Master

            & Slave,

Language and mythologies

            are a semiotic code

            that justifies the Order,

and hence Ideology

            & material subjection


The singularity of information

            is the boot

            of the control society,

And sold as liberating,

            a freedom

            that is slavery,

which is its neoliberal character.

Freedom as a War

            of all against all,

Law that codifies in Justice

            that the mighty will rule,

This is the neoliberal regime

            & tyranny of the market

—making us, in the mythologies

            of pseudoscience, believe

Competition & violence are

            intrinsic to the human species.

Art sought pretentiously

            to immortalize

By resisting death,

We’ve petrified life

And the contrivances multiplied.

The Lords even in death

continued to rule with their legacy

like mummified pharaohs,

The canon was haunted

            by the auguring

            of an Ozymandias,

And we all fell into a cult

            of personality from Shakespeare

On, as if under the spell

            of one such

            fragile Ego.

Every poem kills,

like in an exchange

            of value

alienated persons

can’t simply be

but in capitalist agony.

Write, rights

some have more,

much more time

deserving of value

to make their thoughts

on being an artist rhyme.

Being a subject

Every conception

is a form of syzygy.

Deny the poetry

            in philosophy,

the ideology

            in reality,

the magic

            in thinking.

The Lords are artificial gods

whose powers are godlike.

They may not even exist

apart from the human mind,

Whose power is nowhere

when it is everywhere,

nowhere in the people

when in institutions;

Nowhere in communities

when in the State,

nowhere in our bones & sinews

when in our bellies as processed meat,

in our brains as pharmaceuticals,

Surrounding us as in a spider’s web

            of digitized capital.

Power is a frame,

a picture frame,

The capstone of representational


A Master code.

The structure of language


Structures of the unconscious

Like dinosaur bones,

            an unending history of brutality,

Arranging in spacetime

the black blood of Empire.

Flowing always to the top

            of the cybernetic head

                        of Talos,

As its structural hand

shatters the skull of the


with a billy club—

Brutalize your Ego,

Kill It dead,

            the Fascists

            inside your head.

            Give us

competition without resentment,

cooperation without hierarchy.

law absent of violence,

rule drained of domination.

            We must

revolt against the given

with “[a]n impossiblist élan”![1]

For to be a poet,

            a good poet,

an actionable one,

             is to be

a magician.

            Desire is the means of production. No emancipatory structure can exist that doesn’t first collectively free desire.

            (ii) It is consumption that primarily defines a late stage of Capitalism. Production and consumption are two sides of the same coin, like Master/Slave morality.

            (iii) Desire must be overcome not through denial, but rather through disinterested affirmation. Denial is what fuels compulsory consumption. Production becomes pathological under Capitalism.

            Be disinterested

                        in how

                        the State

            defines your Self.

            Be disinterested

                        in forms of power

                        that are slavery

which is the privileged

                        domain of currency. 

            Be disinterested, in the sense of free from commodity fetishism; disinterested in the sense of free from fetishism in general. Fetishism is a pathology of object-subjects.

            Need is fundamental. Making need equivalent with money is a historical contingency.

            (b) Desire is a complex need, an emergent one. Under Capitalist Realism, fundamental needs and superfluous desires become conflated.

            (c) The reproduction of the system requires poverty; to perpetuate this injustice, the petty bourgeois who could align with the proletariat, are kept in bad faith illusions that equate a lack of superfluous desires with a lack of freedom and even the threat of impoverishment. In practice it becomes a check on challenges to capitalist realism, by limiting one’s imagination to see life without superfluity as meaningful or gratifying.


[1] Randolph Bourne, Twilight of Idols

Oedipus and the State

The Hegelian Left, or Young Zizekians are a Cybernetic Left, a dominant trend in the online left, and why?

            Why counterpose Zizek to Chomsky, acting as if there were something in Chomsky that was missing or wrong, in need of filing in with Zizek. The Hegelian Left seems to react against the trend in thinking in Deleuze and Foucault. Is there anything bugged about this Hegelian left? Is there something in the identitas that makes it primed for Schismogenesis?

            Does the Mark Fisher splinter of Zero Books mirror the outgrowth of an alt-right vis-à-vis Nick Land? Is War with China, or the equilibrium imposed by a Neo-Cold War, pandemic new normal, the end result?

            We must run Sufi-dances of resistance around that Cybernetic Control system, using our Reichian theory and vision of Burrough’s Lemuria, to fight the Time War!

            This is the shape of the conflict we are looking at in this age of influencers.

            (ii) Difference-in-itself is an Infinity of potential Ideology. The differences which make a difference in Gregory Bateson’s formulation of the Bit, or unit of information, is the same as the Idea. Idea simply isn’t separate from the world, but informs it in key ways, especially in the form of control.

            Now has Jim Morrison not anticipated this control society, the Police of Qualities with his concept of The Lords, dramatized symbolically in the poem called “The Movie”?

            The Police of Qualities is the Naming, “the imposition of a categorical hierarchy,” (白森), and Lacanianism, which is key to the Cybernetic Left, would seem to have given the Occident a theoretical foundation for the Cyberneticization of the Self; that at once reifies the Occidental notion of the self in its perpetual absence. This rhetorical move is what I would identify as the bugging.

            When Bateson says, “quiescence and activity have equal informational relevance,” in The Cybernetics of “Self” : A Theory of Alcoholism, what he’s talking about correlates precisely with the concept of 無為. And what this is, is no less than a basis for the method of schismogenetifying.

            What is the connection between Lacanianism and Bateson’s Cybernetics of Self? Both cement an identity through difference, or reify a non-presence through absence, or create a Self that is a non-self by theorizing a stability based on lack. This lack is the desire which is sublimated.

            Theory for Theory’s sake is defined by inaction. The part that would act is sublimated into theorizing. This is where the politics of Anti-Oedipus become essential for us. For as Reich showed us and as James DeMeo demonstrates in Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence in the Deserts of the Old World, there is nothing universal about the Oedipal conflict. Alternative social formations can exist which are not Oedipal or coercive, involving sex-repression, or delusional Cybernetic Self-formulations that reproduce Capitalist social formations; insofar as they require a State, putting the myth of Civilization above the collective desires of humanity to live free and in equality.


Ask me why any tree in nature should

Command your respect more than

            a political state.

Why be moved to appreciate

Order growing out of chaos

As opposed to the violence of State law?

Is anything more naturally manifested

            than democracy

From perpetual occupation by

            standing armies?

War vanishes along with

            the mandate for peace.

Arboreal parliament never divvied

            one clod of soil

Never zoned roots based on

            vested interests

Or compelled a single leaf to change.

Like to claim with a straight face

States serve the people as

            provider, as protector

As shelter from the storm?

            You’re nuts.

Servants need masters as

            masters their servants alike.

So as the earth is to water,

The body is to spirit,

            & each guides it and shapes

It. So too is the individual

            to the community,

A heautonomous part

            of an absolute whole

That functions as a symbol.

            “I” works in this way.

Manichaeism of the Intelligence Complex


Ruins of the United States

were never found

among the nuclear

fallout. Only in name

did the Empire live on,

synonymous with

the concept of Atlantis.

In this way we can look forward

            to Plato

as much as Plato existed in the past.

            Behold the exposed

structure of the Thoughtform!

Consider that Tila Tequila

was a canary in the coalmine

            for Christian Nationalism,

falling in with the alt-right

as it was forming before the rise of Trump

“[claiming] celebrities get sacrificed

and that she was possessed by Satan

            back in 2012”

            & “Satan inspired Marx!”

says Russ Dizdar

            on the Shatter the Darkness

podcast. “I don’t agree

with homosexuals. . . and

transvestites and all that. . .

            [pedophiles] want their civil rights!”

            he said on 27 August 2020,

            parroting an Intellectual

Dark Web talking point

            on the idea that the right

is being silenced by “atheist,

            Marxist Communism!”

It’s “the Dark Side!”

            which he describes

            as if it were a political movement.

            Behold! the exposed structure of

The “real world” as tulpa,

Simulacrum: An illusion

with a mind of its own,

It was summoned

into existence.

The archetype of the demiurge,

a Creator of reality, a creator

            of fictions, it’s

An ancient conflict

that’s as modern

            as classic.

In fact it fabricates

just the distinction.

For what else

is zero,

What else is

            Before Christ

& anno domini?

When is it really?


The most heavily propagandized

people on earth

are Americans,

because we don’t have propaganda

we have public relations.

Anna Freud was a life long virgin.

Edward Bernays began

using Uncle Sigmund’s ideas

before the psychoanalyst was

            even famous.

He pioneered the perceptual


that led to the successful 1954

            coup in Guatemala,

strengthening the dictatorial

            banana republic

of United Fruit Co.

            & after the death

                        of Marilyn Monroe

            classical psychoanalysis began

to shift into New Age

            through the Human Potential Movement.

Fritz Perls of the Esalen Institute

            was influenced by Reich,

Wilhelm Reich who believed

in the liberatory potential of Eros,

            & who linked psychoanalysis

                        w/ Marxism—

the ideological enemy

            of Ms. Anna Freud

who had Reich expelled from

the International Psychoanalytic

            Association, & Vienna

& Berlin local psychoanalytic societies.


famous spy James Jesus Angleton

employed a phrase

“wilderness of mirrors,”

taken from a poem

by T. S. Eliot

            (whose influence by Shelley

            was a source of anxiety

                        for the theist),

            to describe the world

of espionage

            & counterintelligence;

            he also knew Pound

                        whom he visited

                        on vacation

            taking photographs—

his father’s business flourished

            in Italy,

            the father described

as being chummy with Fascists.


The United States is now a fascist country.

            It’s always been a fascist country.

Consider the founding fathers,

Consider the genocide of the First Peoples,

Consider the absolutely brutalizing institution of slavery.

Consider what Frederick Douglass said, “What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?”

Consider the War on Mexico,

Consider the colonization of the Philippines.

The United States has always been a fascist country.

If you consider the eugenics programs,

If you consider the corporate crushing of the labor movements,

If you consider MK-ULTRA.

Consider “Birth of a Nation,”

The Trail of Tears,

Boarding schools for American Indians in the 1930s,

Consider that Henry Ford was an anti-Semite

And admired by Hitler

            who kept a photo of the beloved entrepreneur on his desk,

Figuring why couldn’t he get away with genocide if America had!

The United States has always been a fascist country.

And what is Fascism really?

It’s being unable to criticize blatant injustices when you see them

            without being called un-American,

It’s when you support bloody, oppressive dictatorships the world over,

Fascism is when you facilitate covert coup d’état

in Iran 1953,

Guatemala 1954

the assassination of Patrice Lumumba,

            propping up the dictator Mobutu in the early 60s in Congo

using a false flag operation in the Gulf of Tonkin

            to get boots on the ground in the Vietnam War,

coup in Brazil 1964,

            Chile 1973,

            Argentina ‘76

the list goes on and on.

Fascism is Operation Condor.

Fascism is totalitarianism that poses as Democracy in the United States

            like totalitarianism often poses as Communism,

Feeding off of the energy of the other, producing mutually reinforced

            State authorities,

Not to mention that war is always profitable.

Fascism in the United States,

            Communism that is Totalitarianism in the United States

             is all the bad in other countries out there,

Never here. Fascism is a War on Drugs,

             a War on Terror

            against mujahideen it helped to create,


            always insisting that war is the solution,

Fascism in the United States,

            Fascism. A War on Everything.

A War on Everything in the United States

            that will not be assimilated into its inverted democracy,

Its ideology of manifest destiny that Edward Bernays spun

            through the birth of PR from World War I on

that Imperialist wars are always about the Spreading of Democracy.

Everybody Loves Democracy!

            Everybody Loves America!

The United States has always been a Fascist country—

            Everybody knows that

It’s always been like this—


Like God,

Reality is a concept

eat your heart out

            John Lennon.


Life is the eternal fire of which we are

            brief manifestations like a lightning flash,

Our ashes and sparks are deeds and words,

            indeed they smolder as they spread.

They may disintegrate on the crude clay of earth,

            blackened and worthless

Yet to think such material is the All

            mistakes a shadow play

On cavern walls for reality,

            like forgetting that Bacon was Shakespeare?

Or that Marlowe didn’t really

            die in a tavern back in 1593!


The Police of Qualities Arrests the Whole on the Other Side: Reading THE MOVIE by The Doors

In the Emperor’s mania

            to master uncertainty,

The data flow determined

            to eclipse the bottomless source,

A heat-seeking missile

            like mercury in a thermostat

Closes the gap between

            the human psyche & A.I.

The synergy of the

            diachronic & synchronic

Dialectical matter,

            one apprehends in time

The circular causality

            of a War on the Mind.

            “a Same that always manages

                        to integrate the Other,”

Demogorgonic consciousness,

            Who borrows the Medusa’s eye

            Resigns to the empirical lie.

            The knower petrifies the known:

            The subtle dancer turns to stone.[1]

            cyberneticization programs

A double bind into ψυχή

            making of the butterfly

                        a rorschach blot of


                        spun into a simulacrum

Made of text;

            its qualities now policed.

            You become the singularity

Composed of “collective totalities

            [working] together like gears

                        to replicate History

            in the form of a feigned

                        movement of evolution,”

(Tiqqun, The Cybernetic Hypothesis).

This program inverts

            uncertainty into

                        an invisible order

That gains equilibrium

            out of contrived chaos,

A stimulation of reactance

            which binds uncertainty

                        to replicatable cycles,

Enabling a potentially unending

            schema of probabalistic


This is the essence of Time War,

            a construction of roads;

            (re)mixing universe on haunted

                        four-track at dawn.

Apparitions of ghost faces in car windows,

            FYE parking lot in the dead of winter,

Cradled in dex coma

Then we ran out of gas at Huntington Bank.

Months passing in seconds

Lost on the seemingly endless road of time,

It’s essentially this

that Morrison means

            by THE LORDS,

its insinuation

from all his thoughts

            on cinema

& condensed into

            one statement

                        his spoken

word called THE MOVIE.


We begin our analysis by focusing on two key words in the opening line, “[t]he movie will begin in five moments. The mindless voice announced,” the words moments and mindless. Why moments? It’s an odd choice that invokes a tension between the words minutes and moments, the notion of a movie beginning in five minutes a much more standard usage in the English language, the choice of moment therefore serving as a linguistic provocation. Why not minutes? This is in order to provoke this comparison between a minute and a moment, these synonymous terms that both signify a short duration of time. The key difference between them is that the former emphasizes a quantitative aspect of time, whereas the latter emphasizes a qualitative aspect. Five minutes is always five minutes, 300 seconds, etc., but five moments could very well be five important milestones of a life, the moment of “birth your life and death” for example, as the poem continues further on. It’s not precise to measure time quantitatively in regards to “moments,” “five moments,” and yet this is how the “mindless voice” proceeds. Why?

            It brings us to the use of mindless, to its connotation that aligns it more with the category of the quantitative, it implies a mechanical quality. The artificiality of the announcing voice that carries out its automatic function has an element of the routine, the robotic and in a sense transhuman, while there’s also another meaning to mindless, in fact, the more primary meaning of foolish or negligent, mind-numbing. “Mindless” as a quality of either the cause or effect of a mind-numbing process, the result or prerequisite of the automatic activity or indeed “entertainment,” as we are made aware later on that the audience at The Movie will have “seen this entertainment through and through.”

            “[They] appease us with images,” Morrison writes in THE LORDS. “Through art they confuse us and blind us to our enslavement. Art adorns our prison walls, keeps us silent and diverted and indifferent.” This indifference is key. The “entertainment” has become blasé, “your birth your life and death” that’s been seen “through and through” has become blasé. Hence the audience files “languidly into the hall.” Languid means “lacking in vigor or vitality,” “lacking in spirit or interest,” “indifferent.” Everything about the process has an unsettling feeling of having become a routine, it’s as if going to the movies evolved into a ritual, in both senses of the word, as a routine but also as a religious ceremony. “The program,” “this entertainment,” The Movie is a modern ritual, a ceremony of mind-numbing effect that produces indifference in the viewer and saps them of their vitality.

            “[A]s we seated and were darkened” is also interestingly phrased, “[we] were darkened” implies not only that the cinema hall, the room darkened but that the audience themselves “were darkened,” creating an analogous relationship between the individual hall and the individual members of the audience, the hall as macrocosm and the mind of the spectator as microcosm, as if the hall were a representation of the audience’s inner life. Indeed this classically oneiric metaphor recapitulates the age old homology between cinema and dreams. The Movie is a mass delusion or fantasy, a mechanical dream; it’s the quantification of moments and in a way, it’s a policing of the qualities of consciousness. “Did you have a good world when you died? Enough to base a movie on?”

            This line turned out to be eerily prophetic, like another vision of Morrison’s that came true in his anticipation of electronica music of the new millennium, in an interview with The Doors on PBS’s Critique show on April 28, 1969.

            The new generation’s music will be, it’ll have a synthesis of [country and blues] and some third thing. It’ll be entirely, maybe it’ll be, it might rely heavily on electronics, tapes, I can kind of envision maybe one person with a lot of machines, tapes, and electronics set up, singing or speaking and using machines.[2]

            “Did you have a good world when you died? Enough to base a movie on?” A movie based on Morrison’s life was produced sure enough in 1991, featuring this track, “The Movie” by The Doors, right in the opening scene no less. Ironically or according to fate, or the prescience of Morrison’s vision, the film famously gets him embarrassingly wrong, turning him into an awkward caricature. It is in its own ways mind-numbing and negligent, for example in misrepresenting aspects of the way that Morrison died by framing him as obsessed with death. It conjures up a maniacal dream image of a man who seemingly wanted to die, and whose death is hence no mystery but rather a blasé event, that “is not new,” for we’ve seen it “through and through.” And this is especially true in the wake of the many clichés and tropes of a musical biopic on the self-destructive rockstar, of which this film is in some sense a founding example.

            “The Doors” movie does for Jim Morrison what The Movie does for its audience in his spoken word poem, to a degree it’s a policing of qualities in who this man was; what the factual details of his life were; and even in the final analysis, of what his life means. The sum total of a life gets reduced to a few moments of mind-numbing screen time, to “entertainment,” a “program.”

            To be fair the 1991 movie “The Doors”—though a seminal event in shaping the image of Jim Morrison—is still part of a longer tradition that existed before the movie existed; the overemphasizing of the darker aspects of Morrison’s personality, through representational works is a tradition inaugurated with the 1980 publishing of his salacious “biography” No One Here Gets Out Alive. But the effect remains the same. Whether intentional or unintentional, conscious or not the effect results in a policing of qualities. Although arguably any biography, representation or symbol is inevitably going to do this, precisely because any textual or symbolic representation of anything ever is always already doing this. We can never know anything or anyone completely through mere words or images, through a text or symbolic representation of any subject, alone. For “the map is not the territory,” (Alfred Korzybski). It’s never the territory, and yet this is the mania of the Emperor, “[described by Jorge Luis Borges] who wanted to have such an exact map of the empire that he would have to go back over his territory at all its points and bring it up to scale, so much so that the monarch’s subjects spent as much time and energy detailing it and maintaining it that the empire ‘itself’ fell into ruins,” (Jean-Francois Lyotard, Libidinal Economy, 1973).

            I’m getting out of here. Where are you going? To the other side of morning.[3]

            This is where the thrust of the poem shifts, “the best part of the trip” (The Soft Parade, 1969) or more like the moment of freak-out. It’s as if one of the spectators in the audience experiences a bad acid flashback or a rotten sense of déjà vu, there’s something uncanny going on. “Where are you going?”

            The question comes on like a voice in his head, from that same announcing “mindless voice” from earlier, but now in the theater of the individual’s mind. Microcosmic, it speaks directly to him, responding to his actions or his fear, the desire to run, and so it must be hallucinated and not actually experienced in the macrocosmic hall, experienced as a real illusion on the screen. Or perhaps it could be; what exactly is the difference between a real and a fake fantasy? “Where are you going? To the other side of morning.”

            A double meaning is deployed here through the homophones morning and mourning, which taken together allude to the classic analogy between sleep and death. The poem then becomes more hallucinatory or surreal, passing into the next image through the dream logic of non sequitur, “[p]lease don’t chase the clouds, pagodas.” Still there’s cohesive symbolism packed into this densely. The dreamy image of a cloud has archetypal significance as a labile thought form, a symbol of forms that are impermanent, connected as much to a natural function of dreaming or to the imagination as it is to the concept of Mutability, as in Shelley, “[w]e are as clouds that veil the midnight moon; / How restlessly they speed and gleam and quiver, / Streaking the darkness radiantly! yet soon / Night closes round, and they are lost forever.” As an oneiric juxtaposition “clouds” and “pagodas” are as if edited together or associated through dream logic, but it’s clear there’s also already an implicit connection between the two images in their relation to the concept of impermanence. Enlightenment in the Buddhist sense derives much from learning how to stem the sufferings which arise from impermanence, understanding how to avoid clinging to that which can never endure according to the cyclical qualities of existence, as in “birth your life and death.” Not to “chase” after impermanence reflects this bit of wisdom. And yet coming from the omniscient announcing voice, “mindless” but internalized by the spectator, it’s as if the command intends to dissuade him from engaging in this more natural—one might say archaic—form of imagining, free from any technocratic policing of qualities where the “clouds” are like a functioning libido, a desiring freely or classically, that is, neither directed nor contained within the automatic, ritualistic, blasé and prerecorded control scheme of The Movie.

            From this airy to solid image of the structure there is a phallic connotation that furthers the underlying dream logic of the next transition, into “her cunt gripped him like a warm, friendly hand,” carrying with that the implications of sacrilege; and causing further resonance of tensions between the sacred and profane, implicit in the ritualistic, and ceremonial function of The Movie—not to mention in the rendering automatic or blasé of a more profound, human or spiritual quality as we shall soon see. For the simile that Morrison employs here is to render sex as a handshake, making of it a routine, ritual, automatic event, precisely like The Movie—blasé, emptying of moments that are arguably profoundly spiritual their natural vigor, sapping them of their meaning or at least policing their qualities by reducing the ground of all human reproduction to a mere “cunt,” and sex to an automatic activity performed solely for the sake of “entertainment,” or as a “program” of escapism. For it’s precisely when the spectator tries to flee that he’s reeled back into the hallucination by escapism in another form, which is of course the real structure of this particular prison constructed by THE LORDS, it subjects us to escapism that’s no real escape at all, but rather the very shape of our own cybernetic prisons. “[A]rt [used to] confuse us and [which blinds] us to our own enslavement,” The Movie is the escape that is no escape; a poison masquerading as a cure; a delusion or a “counterfeit infinity,” (Theodore Roszak) that was marketed to us wholesale as a mind-expanding entheogen.

            At this point the oneiric passes into the onanistic, and we shall be left pondering the classic literary symbol of the gates of horn and ivory.

            i see

            In one there’s life & function

                        the other artificial scarcity,

            value from death.


            “You favor life

            He sides with death

            I straddle the fence

            And my balls hurt,”

                        (Jim Morrison)—


            a subtitle of THE LORDS

                        is NOTES ON VISION.


            connotes both

                        fixed attention

            & a density

                        of fluid

biological & narrative


the mechanistic,



            & horrific


condensed into this

            one last

                        equivocal line.

[1] Theodore Roszak, The Making of a Counter Culture (1969)

[2] “A Profile of Jim Morrison and The Doors – On and Off Stage,” PBS’s Critique (1969)

[3] “The Movie,” The Doors, An American Prayer (1978)

An Investigative Poem in the Spirit of Ed Sanders on the Theory of Mark Fisher and Nick Land

Wherein the Concept of “Demogorgon” Plays a Major Part

“Listen all you boards, governments, syndicates, nations of the world,

And you, powers behind what filth deals consummated in what lavatory,

To take what is not yours,

To sell out your sons forever! To sell the ground from unborn feet forever.”

-William S. Burroughs,

Last Words of Hassan Sabbah

Fisher is dead,

Land expatriated in Shanghai,

            what were they doing

Researching Cybernetics

            through the Ccru?

Land wrote The Dark Enlightenment

            that is synonymous with

                        the neo-reactionary movement

            a vanguard of the alt-right,

But Fisher is on record

            defending Land as more of

                        an insurrectionist anarchist,

            to label him as a Neofascist:

Simply too reductive?

            Žižek had been paraphrasing

Adam Philips,

            speaking of the prospect

                        of self-knowledge

            as that “ancient Greek

                        bullshit, ‘know yourself,’

            and so on.”

It got me wondering about why Žižek is so popular,

            why the notion of Psyche

                        in its ancient Greek sense,

ψυχή, as “the source of life

            and consciousness,”

                        “the spirit or soul,”

“Spirit of the universe,”

            “butterfly,” etc.,

Is considered to be so antiquated,

            & such an unexamined

Target of postmodern irony;

            And in what sense

                        the arcane scientism

            of a Freud or Lacan

Is so much more epistemological,

            compared to esoteric

                        traditions of the ancient world.

Justin Murphy on Youtube

            who once interviewed Land

Has a video,

            “My Lacanian Psychotherapy Session

                        With Eliot Rosenstock,”

            author of Žižek in the Clinic

Published by Zero Books in 2019.

Rosenstock has a video

            on Youtube, called


Symbols, and Categories!

            Egoism and the Absolute,”

And I began to wonder where exactly

            the contradiction lied?

Why is it that so few these days

            ever mention Reich,

Beyond a James DeMeo

            or a Roberto Freire?

                        A Communist thinker steeped in psychoanalysis,

Could Žižek really avoid it, and

            once you’re in there

                        is it not a quick hop,

Skip & a jump to the notion

            of Lemurian Time War

                        as explicated by the Ccru,

On the hyperstitional

            quality of the fiction

                        of William S. Burroughs?


Free association;

The Absolute isomorphism

            is Emptiness,

A prime mover that is

Pure imagination.

            according to the

Book of Changes,

            Earth is receptive,

Heaven is creative,

            although both are

Two sides of the same coin.

It struck me that

            detaching egotism from individuality

                        might go a long way

            towards deposing the celestial

                        dictator of all religions

            & totalitarianism, for

The schismogenesis of the Trumpian world

            was that identity politics was

                        the reinforcement of white supremacy.

            (Ed Sanders is

                        ancient Greek poetry

                                    to me!)

                        know: Demogorgon

            is a Form

                        of schismogenesis

that inverts “the One”

            into contradicting



The dandelion blew (ψῡ́χω)

Skies released the paratrooper

Who became consciousness

On landing within itself.

We’re in. How long has there

Been motion picture photography?

(He kept his camera wrapped

            in her silk underwear,

A modern totem.)

You mean to suppress our

            immanent revolution?

Play on, earth spirits of the

            Third Stone from the Sun!

                                    Cue: Hendrix,


            wide Justice,

being of fire—

            never alights. 

            There is a will to be free

            that even if neutralized

            by freedom’s enemy

            is always on the rise.

            To turn around is to doubt

                        that ‘everything flows’ (πάντα ῥεῖ)

            And then to see there can

                        be no one enduring force,

            If there is to be eternity

            The word camera is a doublet of chamber, both meaning in a sense a room.

A camera behind

            the screen, the

                        screen is mistaken

For a mirror,

            wherein a tape

                        plays on

Endless circulations

            (death is

                        the threshold without which

            there would be

No meaningful change. There

            would be no such thing as meaning.

There would only be an

            endless circulation

                        of the same).

In the depths of infinity, death is beautiful.

The problem with the Demogorgon

            (a scheme that inverts

                        the Absolute diagram)

            is in shattering primordial


                                    dark & light

                        are mistaken for each other

            as in a mirror,

They no longer occupy that space of their natural

            polarity, and hence Emptiness

                        can be mistaken for stuff,

            and stuff

For emptiness. However Emptiness

            & similarly Non-duality

                        are not valid

Models in the psychoanalytic,

            anti-ψυχή or only Judeo-Christian

                        spirited “West.”


“The West” exists

            if and only if

the idea of cultural supremacy is accepted

            a priori.

The neoliberal fascist intellectual movement

            born of the Trump era

was primarily an ideological reinforcing

            of cultural supremacy.

While this is also implicitly the idea of racial supremacy,

            it explicitly takes the form of a “war of ideas,”

                        i.e. a reinforcing of ideological dominance.

            All ideas can be refuted but can art be refuted?

The result of a successful hermeneutics

            of disinformation

Will be to have created a semiotic

            labyrinth of sorts,

                        an inscrutable maze

Of signification that leads ultimately to confusion,

            anxiety, fear, and

                        hence the falling backwards

Into faith in the authorities,

            presumably the source of instantiation

                        of this negative feedback loop,

            the schismogenetic diagram;

This is why God

is likened to The Word

it’s a Demiurge.

“[The dominant control program]

builds its monopolistic dominion upon

the magical power of the Word:

upon programming and illusion,”

            (Ccru, Lemurian Time War).

The inscrutability of information

leads to the impenetrability of


As Sun Tzu says,

“the skillful fighter puts himself into a

            position which makes defeat impossible,”

                        (The Art of War, IV.xiv).

If the mind is inscrutable,

then only the body can be subdued.

But subdue the mind

and the body will follow

of its own accord.


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