Knight Vision

Mind is my weapon.

Thought a cutting edge,

One side of which,

Creativity, slices through

Life’s rigid dogmas;

Explodes lies about as much

as it authors myths,

Carving meaning out

of obscure substances.

The other, theory,

Threads together these

pieces the other side

chops this material

world up into;

Weaving significantly

beautiful tapestries

out of unbounded things.

When you think about it,

Thinking over precisely

the same fields of conflict

again and again,

Dressing in general

the war machine

down to primary causes,

Every war in human

history has been fought

principally in the mind.

An idea that begins

with its culmination;

already over in a sense

once the concept is realized.

The word game begins

funnily enough,

Until proceeding with

the war game;

the mechanics of which

Depends upon the schism.

When our Lords have

convinced us that Word

and World are but the

same illusion; sold us

the perpetual war delusion,

They will have erected the

penultimate keystone

of our human cage. So

let our collective mind

become an arsenal. One

ocean wave of the hand,

State propaganda eroding

into tatters; disciplined

meditations penetrating

deeply into ideological

stews through which the

mind severs with radical

passions its inception

rotted to the root.

Take up the hilt now

Stirring in the cosmos;

the immortal power of what

could be were only we to see

that it already is.

Let your own mind be

the final illumination.

Brothers and sisters

take up your swords.