Kyber Nation

There was cataclysm.

Fear of going up

            in flames all along

The information highway flooded,

            where Gutenberg like Oannes

                        fashioned our minds

            out of pulp

Like space.

It wasn’t real, but what

            really was reality? A gate

                        keeping core of science

            priests have always been eager to tell us

What exactly.

How many leagues before one reaches

            ultimate Thule?

All revolutions end in tyranny when

            one enlightened crew exerts

Complete control over the lodestar,

            and Democracy becomes

                        a fully automated internet


An egregore.

Hypostatized desiring machines

            we constructed

Our lives in an aquarium

            out of obsessive need

To be perceived,

            gravitating toward those

Most heavily invested in

            images for the sake

Of convenience; bought

            into the cycle of money

                        is debt

Is time

            is a perpetual hedge maze

                        of servitude

            or flows into capital,

A five-pointed star

            inverted that circumscribes the globe,

                        subjugating in unicursal designs

            East to West,

                        and South to North.


The charlatan is in a sense a practitioner

            of the black arts.

The propagandist

            like a sorcerer weaves

                        a spell of disinformation,

And when this has become

            a permanent fixture of institutionalized

                        state power,

Culminating in an all out assault

            on meaning itself,

This element of design roots out conspiracies

            to reveal conspiracies of purposeful behavior!

Indeed a key value of the human mind

            is that element of design,

And where else is the logic

            of a rhyme, but in

The happenstance of thought?

            After all what is

The difference between prose & poetry?

The privileging of facts

            over imagination

May lead to progress,

            but just as soon

                        may turn

Reactionary. Can no one imagine

            a better world

                        than this? Or

            have we been so taken

                        by the sin of prejudice,

Invested in a heretofore unparalleled

            warmongering civilization?

                        Maybe we find the

Greater metaphysical offense

            is actually the profound impiety

                        of disobedience

            rather than conscious

Ignorance of vast injustice.

The ecumene,

            a matrix of value

Draws and quarters

            by projection

Like a divining rod,

            one that I reckon

                        functions best

            where held in common.

The archetypal world of a global shaman

            indigenous to every human

                        context provides

            a plurality of meanings;

                        a pleroma within which

            all may throw it around and play,

And see through the inner eye

            it shatter at last

                        the lenses dictating

            the totalitarian cinema

Of postmodern life.

To know

            the power which lies

                        at the heart

            of all movements

                        & meaning isn’t

            prescribed or


But a domain of your own.


But when every single one of us

            is capable of becoming

A soothsayer of biblical proportions

            at this historical juncture,

It’s time to wake up!