A constant drizzle

She teaches meditation

Gazebo, concrete


The gaps between gaps

Being oneness in two minds

Thigh tickled by grass.


Virginal, playing

At being-hide, goes seeking

My love incarnate.


Houston afternoon

Spooning underneath the cross

A homeless couple.


Need a credit card

Tacos–all to take a piss–

Here’s the secret code!


Gregg: ‘Come on, let’s go!’

Before the dispensary

closes. Greasy hands.


One day technically

by two hours increases–

Clocks– you betrayed me!


One Hindu temple–

Milk cow nibbles hotel plant

Prone with legs outstretched.


Myanmar whisky,

Counterfeited Burmese Days

Depth of appearance.


No strings with sitar

ringing I sit on my floor–

home, a hotel room.


Lijiang quarreling

Abandoned on Dali street

Beers with fried mealworms.


Having a party

with myself. So not alone

I didn’t show up!


Spray paint, the very

Universe is collapsing—

He brews more “ether.”


I see a spider

Infinite, I never see

An end. Not afraid—