Sunrise on Sunset

Nobody save yourself does in the end

Nonexistent picnic in Laurel Canyon

Found nothing but sinister designs

Delineated truth on the side of obfuscation

Buried alive under layers on layers of deceit

No grand illumination received

Just profoundly damaged feet

Anachronistic curmudgeon

Tramping around Los Angeles

Mortified by the high grade propaganda

Driving materialist nails of ego

Deep into the skull of swankiest shells

Behind the wheel of our national bewitchment

Compulsively looking back on this trek

Towards Mulholland Drive with a bottle of Coke and a sandwich

One photograph of Houdini’s star on Hollywood Boulevard

None alive deserves ownership of these archetypal signs

Only thing worse than a god delusion

At the crossroads of the universe

Who knew was disbelief in signification

To discover in horror no path that leads to nowhere

But rather a Möbius strip of eternity manifest.