This Spherical Block

The responsible liberation from

Persona is a form of submission,

Or harmonizing with the flow

Of a feckless helmsman which dethrones the ego

And yet, by way of waving all controls

Has nevertheless remained the sole

Arbiter of values from the start;

By turning the self into a work of art

Isomorphic to this wild ride but

Worthless in the sense that pride

Is a far cry from dominance,

Or how the civilizing impetus betrays impermanence.

It’s the ataraxia of wearing a mask

That defines the role emptiness plays for the cask;

Made by the power of zero, buoyant as

Receptivity charges up the voyant.

How to find balance without the tiniest pest?

Is it a kind of Orphean hubris?

Piping out memes to a Grecian bodhisattva,

The form of formless beauty that one seeks

Hides forever after in the raw

Like force is made strong through deference to the weak.