High Definition

“. . .why can’t we be what we want to be?
We want to be free. . . [. . .] Three o’clock
roadblock / And hey, Mr. Cop! Ain’t got
no. . . birth certificate on me now.”
-Bob Marley-

One can’t speak precisely
of the way that things are besides
in a form of metaphor,
So when the grammar of violence
prescribes a regime in your brain,
May we let silence reign.

And may we understand
the correctness of an idea can
be confirmed only by its repetition in time.
But because something gets repeated doesn’t
necessarily mean that it’s correct,
and hence we have at root,
the problem of propaganda.
Hence no lie is truly a lie
before it imposes on us as true;
No propaganda would actually exist without this
key distinction between fiction and journalism.

For there’s no speaking precisely
of the way that things are besides
in a form of metaphor.
No communication without this device
which elevates reality by way of the imagination,
Although the concept of reality itself is
a device that subjugates the imaginary.

Where’s the precise distinction
between a cosmic sea turtle and Newtonian physics
but merely in the reflection of metaphorical accuracy?
It’s really so ludicrous to perceive of Time
as acting in a sense like deoxyribonucleic acid,
twisted in shape—
raveling and unraveling
for the sake of continuity,

When at the point of origin lies
recurrence; an unmasking of the essential
inversion by genesis, contriving illusionary
Dichotomies out of beginnings and ends?

For truth is in truth, more or less a bottomless depth,
Destined like the volcanoes of prehistory
To break on through its finite latitude and
Rain down upon our minds the vast emptiness of sky
Self-contained within a Klein Bottle topography.

Captured no more in the glass
cage of certainty, we discover
the unknown is freedom to create,
through sheer will alone, knowledge itself.
Granting power to the people everywhere
to know themselves; and to define
their own destinies. Rather than to insist
on dividing up a line infinitesimally,
On inventing newer and newer ways
of repeating the same old thing.

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