Sangsom Chimeras

Smoldering insurrection reduced to the scent of incense,
A mound of ash dedicated to the cult of things past—
Alters mocking fluidity in the nostalgic statuesque.
Spirit quelled clandestinely, like moonlight
Generated from yonder star
Deceives in propagating separations
Of life as distinct from death.
Mind this law of remembering foisted on our lot
Being petrified of nothingness makes of emptiness waste
Invert lotus blossoms a solid ghost
Rigorous controls inscribed around the base
Code older than viral, linguistic origins of collectivism,
No real testament to selflessness,
Rather the original division between us and them.
Deeper than surface requirements for getting along
Within social orders founded on a tyrant’s whim
Employing that old song to divide and conquer—
Are these not tremendous inconsistencies baked into the scam
Propagandistic bytes taken for the nourishment of journalism?
Those futures exist where televised reality goes ahead,
Squashing insurrections against the manufacturing of consent,
But I don’t say it’s nice to meet you there.
Choice divides the dark from egalitarianism;
Precious few cells coercing the foot to oppress it’s own head.

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