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A. Scott Buch is based wherever he’s not currently being kicked out of. Inspired by Ed Sanders’ Investigative Poetry Manifesto from 1976, he believes in an aesthetic form of letters that is primarily adversarial. He is preoccupied with how to turn words into bread, committed to the revolution in small acts, and being the seeds beneath the snow.

What is “anti-sell”?

the concrete position that “selling out”
isn’t a neutral act.

It holds that the presentation or delivery of a message, affects the content of that message, such that anti-capitalist artists will be transformed to the extent that they engage with capitalism and the state. While no engagement is indeed impossible, the anti-capitalist artist should always understand their engagement with capitalism like the necessary act of diplomacy carried out between two antagonistic parties. To the extent that the artist ceases to be in structural opposition to capitalism in some capacity, the reality of the anti-capitalist message will be by necessity degraded.

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In the less alienated form,
the better

Concept art
for completed manuscript
of a romantic mock spy,
anarchist epic.

The adversarial novel


Epic anarchist mock spy novel concept art