The Endurance of Naught

States if not fluid entities
grow frigid into tyranny,
for in requiring that essential
substance of power—
the people—at once both
collectivizations, singularity,
cannot withstand this rigid
hierarchy. It will not be assured
of its dominion were just one
of us grains of sand refusing
to stack up. They must be
meritorious if States are
to exist at all. A sturdy
ladder built rung by rung
by each and every soul on earth.
No closed circuit club of the
eternally fortunate but a tree
sprung from the most benign
seed and of the hardest bark.
How else could it be if the leaves
at the top were perpetually
segregated from the roots below?
For how long could one
penultimate limb exploit
the foundation it subsists upon?
How else shall the cannibalistic organism
meet its end? In surely being severed
from its base. In being swarmed by the
decomposing counter agents
its own totalitarian
system creates!

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