Völkisch Tales

They thought the bread was contaminated,
Ergot poisoning at Pont-Saint-Esprit,
7 deaths by what illuminated
At the Eleusinian Mysteries.

Nearly 500 slipped into madness,
And it took over half a century
To show that mind control experiments
Were conducted there using LSD.

Ed Sanders and Tuli Kupferberg wrote
Back in ‘65 that the CIA
Man, was the American Gestapo
And yet, who’s heard about The Fugs today?

Who knew the FBI was surveilling
Civil Rights leaders and peace activists
In the Sixties, like Martin Luther King
Who was pegged a dangerous extremist?

And targeted too was a dope-smoking
Ex-Beatle, by a government which saw
Natural allies in Black Panther fearing
Charles Manson and his Family, brainwashed

In specific ways that seem to mirror
The real objectives of MKULTRA,
Of dominating minds with drugs and fear
Under the guise of singing Kumbaya.

Sometimes the weirdest facts make perfect sense.
How many who’ve read Catcher in the Rye
Know that Salinger worked intelligence
And that Hemingway was a double spy?

Under a nationalistic pretense,
Top secret programs like COINTELPRO
Are greenlit for the purpose of Defense,
Which isn’t something people need to know.

Rather, let them eat cake, or watch TV
And learn the difference between movies
About Supermen and reality,
And that nothing exists beyond what’s seen;

Nothing beyond capitalist pizazz,
Fixed on Freedom’s lingering death, when in
Good time, American fascists are as
In vogue as that guy who shot John Lennon.

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