Orphic Anthem

Lose the pomp

forget status

& question the point

or destination of career paths,

Don’t be afraid to lose your way

Or fall in order to rise,

Get lost so as to discover

what was described but never experienced;

At the lower ring

one has no need for contracts,

People on the first rung

while scrambling to get a head or foot over

are also made of your same materialism,

Cruising on top of the second ring

According to the direction of the wind it

            will be obvious

to those who float that you are going down

            in time;

In this way we the kind and suffering

make a deal with traders of pointless things

We of the common earth

That we love and have loved;

We the many in spirit

But separated by borders and governments

After we the people of a different future

than one or another plan has organized

we will be like water

Oceans & rivers & lakes & tributaries

Flowing with self-same power:

Let us be for one moment, which is the holy one

that despite any sabotage continues to multiply

Like a virus; however this bug will spread—

It is only reflecting what the majority keeps

while minorities eat the leftovers—

And, while the health of the nation fluctuates

with each overthrow of the power

Each mad grab for the crown,

indubitably one would be at a loss not to

            cultivate such

National Pride; hope gives people the will to


and Pride gives Will the Power to persist.

Walls still exist and these divisions only


As long as we define them in

the dead language of Gods.

Don’t take it wrong.

Please don’t read it to your mother.

If it means anything then make it to mean

Something better.