Word-hoard as Image

14 Haiku

A constant drizzle.
She taught me to meditate
In the gazebo.

Houston afternoon.
Spooning underneath the cross,
A homeless couple.

Need a credit card,
Tacos—all to take a piss—
Here’s the secret code!

Gregg: ‘Come on, let’s go!’
Before the dispensary
closes! Greasy hands.

One day technically
by two hours increases.
You betrayed me, clocks.

Four legs stretched idly,
A cow eats a hotel plant,
Down from the temple.

No strings. A sitar
ringing. I sit on the floor.
Home, a hotel room.

Lijiang quarreling.
Abandoned on Dali street.
Beers with fried mealworms.

Snow flurries in spring,
White grid of the window pane.
Can dry leaves skate, huh!

At the radius
Window like a sunburst, wasps!
Thought you were stink bugs!

Dead stink bug clinging
to the curtain. Nice motif
heaped with dust like snow.

A torrent of hail.
Granules leap like cubic frogs,
Stream down the sloped bricks.

Every drop, a flash
As if there never was snow
Shines on the gutter.

Cardinals facing east
And west scattered. The sparrow
knew another way!