Writing as Resistance

“The Goal: an era of investigative poesy wherein one can be controversial, radical, and not have the civilization rise up to smite down the bard. To establish and to maintain it. POETS MAY REMAIN IN THE RADIX, UNCOMPROMISING, REVOLUTIONARY, SEDITIOUS, ABSOLUTE.” —Ed Sanders, 1976

Investigative Poetry. Essays. Articles. Poems? Sure.

Revised 2023.

Obscurity and Capture in Disinformed Land

“Listen all you boards, governments, syndicates, nations of the world,
And you, powers behind what filth deals consummated in what lavatory,
To take what is not yours,
To sell out your sons forever! To sell the ground from unborn feet forever.”
-William S. Burroughs,
Last Words of Hassan Sabbah

Mark Fisher is dead,
Nick Land expatriated in Shanghai,
what were they doing

Researching Cybernetics
through the Ccru?
Land wrote The Dark Enlightenment

that is synonymous with
the neo-reactionary movement
a vanguard of the alt-right,

But Fisher is on record
defending Land as more of
an insurrectionist anarchist,

to label him as a Neofascist:
Simply too reductive?
Žižek had been paraphrasing

Adam Philips,
speaking of the prospect
of self-knowledge

as that “ancient Greek
bullshit, ‘know yourself,’
and so on.”

It got me wondering about why Žižek is so popular,
why the notion of Psyche
in its ancient Greek sense,

ψυχή, as “the source of life
and consciousness,”
“the spirit or soul,”

“Spirit of the universe,”
“butterfly,” etc.,
Is considered to be so antiquated,

& such an unexamined
Target of postmodern irony;
And in what sense

the arcane scientism
of a Freud or Lacan
Is so much more epistemological,

compared to esoteric
traditions of the ancient world.
Justin Murphy on Youtube

who once interviewed Land
Has a video,
“My Lacanian Psychotherapy Session

With Eliot Rosenstock,”
author of Žižek in the Clinic
Published by Zero Books in 2019.

Rosenstock has a video
on Youtube, called

Symbols, and Categories!
Egoism and the Absolute,”
And I began to wonder where exactly

the contradiction lied?
Why is it that so few these days
ever mention Reich,

Beyond a James DeMeo
or a Roberto Freire?
A Communist thinker steeped in psychoanalysis,

Could Žižek really avoid it?
The “Elvis of cultural theory,” who told us in 2012
“Don’t Act. Just Think”?

Occultism and obscurity
as an ideology of capture

What was the Ccru
talking about regarding
Lemurian Time War,

Or the hyperstitional
quality of the fiction
of William S. Burroughs?

If you were to ask
anarchist journalist Barrett Brown
who did 63 months in prison

For his ongoing work to expose
the inner workings of evil industrial complexes,
about the influence of Dark Enlightenment ideology

On his archnemesis, Peter Thiel,
would this obscure intellectual movement,
Like the Intellectual Dark Web

Be considered to have a negligible
Political and cultural influence?
Should we be that surprised

That the inheritors of the legacy of Anonymous
are far-right propulsive conspiracy movements
like QAnon,

clearly assisting the fascist-adjacent
Wing of the status quo,
In helping convince a superstitious populace

Like in the glory days of the Cold War
That left-wing movements are effectively Satanic. . .
A organization that once went toe-to-toe

with the occult-like powerful cell of Scientology,
And which gave us hope in the times of Occupy Wall Street
of a kind of counter-organization of the People

As in the heyday of Wikileaks,
which might actually succeed
In the fight for a better world?

The individual cell
of information war

It struck me that
detaching egotism from individuality
might go a long way

towards deposing the celestial
dictator of all religions
& totalitarianism,

For the schismogenesis of the Trumpian world
was that identity politics was
the reinforcement of white supremacy.

(Ed Sanders is
ancient Greek poetry
to me!)

Could schismogenesis be
artificially induced in populations?

Bateson wrapped his camera lenses
in her silk underwear,
A modern totem.

The word camera is a doublet of chamber,
both meaning in a sense a room.

A camera behind
the screen, the
screen is mistaken
For a mirror,
wherein a tape
spools on.


The inscrutability of information
leads to the impenetrability of

If the mind is inscrutable,
then only the body can be subdued.
But subdue the mind
and the body will follow
of its own accord.

Old Colonial Phone Booth