Writing as Resistance

“The Goal: an era of investigative poesy wherein one can be controversial, radical, and not have the civilization rise up to smite down the bard. To establish and to maintain it. POETS MAY REMAIN IN THE RADIX, UNCOMPROMISING, REVOLUTIONARY, SEDITIOUS, ABSOLUTE.” —Ed Sanders, 1976

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Revised 2023.

The Marriage of Sex-Negativity to Reactionary Politics

Fear of Mother Nature

Why is there a correlation between conservative ideology and a sex-negative attitude? Because it must acclimate the perspective to a pessimism for life.

Conservatism seeks to preserve the status quo that is based on hierarchies. These hierarchies that are grounded in injustice must be seen as natural or inevitable. And hence the miserable world they create must also be seen as natural or inevitable, wherein lies an implicit premise of a pessimism for life.

Such an intrinsic element of life that structures its sense of purpose and contentment, is easier to govern through its enframing as negative.

A positive view of sex cannot really be separated from a positive view of life. While a positive view of sex and life is also not far from a positive view of one’s self and one’s place in the world. It can also probably be asserted that a positive view on these is correlated with higher or lower degrees of compulsive or voluntary behavior.

In this way it could be argued that a society based more on voluntary and less on compulsive behavior would not only be more overall enjoyable but also more free and equal. Though a more free and equal society is the antithesis of one that is compulsively, immutably, hierarchical.

To some extent then it could be measured that sex-positivity with a political correlate in the reduction of class hierarchy is a threat to the order of things.

The pathology of a sex-negative attitude and its reign as a status quo

The sex-negative attitude is one in which this essential component in life becomes pathologized. By this is meant in one way the behavior is always compulsive. As such it becomes no different from other aspects in coercive society like compulsory work. In another way it also means that the behavior is affected so as to become like a sickness. The sex-negative view is basically a neurotic view on sex, one plagued by superstition, anxiety, fear, hatred—in short—negative emotions.

But these negative emotions are also correlated with certain trade offs like a sense of superiority, moral superiority, cultural superiority, class superiority. Again there is some logic to the sex-negative view that compensates through benefiting ideologically and materially from it. Its superstitious neuroticism is construed as necessary.

Sex-negativity as a status quo then, is also a conservative position. Yet even more “liberal” positions can also be sex-negative to the extent that behavior may be more liberated but still compulsive, and in capitalism for reasons which fit into its insatiable need for profit. And which perhaps mostly in this compulsion doesn’t bring with it an attendant rise in freedom and equality in a global sense, still structuring all sexual activity for the most part through the logic of capital which is exploitation and alienation.

Taken together this forms a sex-economic status quo. That when attacked by progressive or revolutionary forces, is always countered by reactionary forces that have the upper hand. As the status quo which is actually one of widespread misery for the majority of those subjected to it, is viewed as natural or inevitable by those who benefit from it ideologically and materially, though with a decrease in voluntarism and to some extent existential contentment; revolutionary and progressive programs are smeared as utopian, idealistic, impossible to realize. Although this is of course based on the faulty though psychologically necessary worldview, essentially structured on a defense mechanism, that no other form of world beyond that currently produced and reproduced by the status quo is possible.

The pessimistic abstraction of authoritarian civilization behind class relations

What you would often see is an abstraction being raised to a higher place than human beings. For instance the abstraction of a state or an ethnicity or a civilization over the real present needs of flesh and blood people. The abstraction of a certain type of civilization, I would call it authoritarian civilization, is construed as historically necessary, inevitable, natural or predetermined. It is also construed as a lone protection against total disorder and chaos in the superstitious neuroticism of cultural sex-negativity, that is a real shirking from life, a real fear of its diverse inexhaustiveness. But in the most material way it is the very real fear of the breaking down of class relations.

Conservatism puts the abstract concept of civilization, and the material accumulation of the historical reality of authoritarian civilization, before the clear anthropological benefits of sex-economic progress, which is effectively the same as saying it preserves the hierarchical structure of class relations.

As a consequence it sacrifices individual happiness in the form of sex-economic contentment, as well as collective quantities of voluntarism, by acclimating the perspective to pessimism regarding life. This is because the imperative to conserve general power privilege overrules the singularity of a person or persons who would be better off, were the clear anthropological benefits of sex-economic progress to be instituted at the level of a social revolution.


In conclusion, a greater quality of life for most if not all that would be established by a social revolution, threatens the structural violence that grounds authoritarian civilization through the power of hierarchy and class.

Another way of putting it.

By linking the idea of sex-negativity to civilization itself, the sex-negative position becomes the correct, or moral position. By linking civilization to hierarchy, it becomes moral. Injustice and inequality by degrees also become moral. Sex-positivity becomes immoral, and linked to the idea of degeneracy, or “anarchy,” the dissolution of civilization.