Writing as Resistance

“The Goal: an era of investigative poesy wherein one can be controversial, radical, and not have the civilization rise up to smite down the bard. To establish and to maintain it. POETS MAY REMAIN IN THE RADIX, UNCOMPROMISING, REVOLUTIONARY, SEDITIOUS, ABSOLUTE.” —Ed Sanders, 1976

Investigative Poetry. Essays. Articles. Poems? Sure.

Anti-colonial Poems

Old Hills


Ms. Columbia spins
her webby narrative
like a corrupted Athenian
Her cotton strands
           of luxuriant fashion;
Her glossy advert
           paper folds
are perfume smelling.
Her bottom is round
           looking perfect
from every angle,
Ever only looked at
           through this Capital
Disseminated like a
           perverse fractal
Rocks the pen
           that strips,
Dictating how the
           pile up.
Corroded copper idol;
           can’t I eat you,
Overthrow your Andrew
           Jackson grease
And erect a Harriet


A face full of shadow crawling upwards
On the road on a hill, where roadless folks
Once roamed, genocided in a drama
Which portrays its legend romantically,
And children wa-wa at the memory.